Classes are $11-15 dollars and all are welcome. The Beginner's Series is recommended to anyone new to Kundalini Yoga. We look forward to having you join us!

Deep Dive
8-9:30 am
Silent Sitting
12-12:45 pm
Class resumes Jan 3rd
Mondays with Tera Kaur
5:45-7 pm
Tera Kaur
Beginner's Series
5:45-7 pm
Kundalini en Español
7-8:15 pm
Thursdays with Kirpal Singh
5:45-7 pm
Kirpal Singh
First Fridays – Music and Sharing
6-7:30 pm
Mondays with Tera Kaur5:45-7 pm
Tera Kaur
Mondays with Tera Kaur is an ongoing class with an experienced, gentle and compassionate teacher. All are welcome.
Beginner's Series5:45-7 pm
Beginner's Series is available each month; a 4-class series that introduces you to the basic skills needed to successfully join a more advanced Kundalini Yoga Class. Join at any time; take it once, or repeat as often as necessary. The Beginner's Series is recommended as a prerequisite to any of the other class series.
Silent Sitting12-12:45 pm
Silent Sitting is a meditation practice in the tradition of Paramahansa Yogananda. The first 10 minutes of each session will provide instruction followed by 35 minutes of silent, seated meditation.
Class resumes Jan 3rd
Kundalini en Español7-8:15 pm
Clase de Kundalini Yoga con Kartar Kaur y otros maestros en Español
Thursdays with Kirpal Singh5:45-7 pm
Kirpal Singh
Thursdays with Kirpal Singh is an ongoing class with an experienced teacher. All are welcome.
First Fridays6-7:30 pm
First Fridays is an opportunity to share in the musical tradition of Kundalini Yoga and try out some of our traditional vegetarian recipes. Join us the first Friday of each month for a relaxing evening of mantra, music and a light snack. All are welcome.
Deep Dive8-9:30 am
Deep Dive provides a longer class format, 90 minutes of Kundalini Yoga, relaxation and meditation, for those who want to explore the practice more deeply. | Shakti Lane, Santa Cruz, NM 87532